Hemochromatosis and high fat diet

By | August 9, 2020

hemochromatosis and high fat diet

Statistics Statistical analysis was performed with the GraphPad Prism software v. C TfR-1 protein levels were evaluated by Western Blotting. This notion underlines known shortcomings of mouse models. In line with increased iron content, H ferritin protein levels increased in cells treated with fatty acids plus FAC compared to untreated cells. Front Nutrition. Iron and the liver. Supplementation with fatty acids induced TfR-1 and IRP1 in HepG2 hepatocytes, favoring intracellular iron accumulation following exposure to iron salts. Glycogen density appears reduced. Conclusions In conclusion, both in experimental models in vivo in rats and in vitro in HepG2 hepatocytes, as well as in patients with DIOS, increased exposure to FFA seems to subvert hepatic iron metabolism, favoring the induction of an iron uptake program via IRP1 and TfR-1 despite hepatocellular iron accumulation. In order to assess the effect of fatty acids on iron metabolism, we considered three experimental groups: 1 rats fed regular chow diet as controls, 2 high fat diet HFD, and 3 HFD plus iron supplementation to counterbalance the reduced iron content in HFD chow.

J Hepatol. Teens Pregnancy Nutrition for pregnancy Is there a special diet I should follow while trying to get pregnant? IRP1 silencing completely abrogated TfR-1 induction and the facilitation of intracellular iron accumulation induced by fatty acids.

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IRP1 silencing completely abrogated TfR-1 induction and the facilitation of intracellular iron accumulation induced by fatty acids. Check with your doctor before taking any vitamin C supplements as it increases iron absorption from food. However, whether these molecular alterations are secondary to obesity, steatosis, or qualitative changes in dietary components is presently unknown. To help elucidating these issues, aims of this study were to assess the effect a high-fat diet HFD on hepatic iron metabolism first in an experimental model in rats [ 24 ], then to allow a better functional characterization of the findings in HepG2 hepatocytes in vitro, and finally to evaluate their translational relevance in patients with NAFLD with and without DIOS. Papanikolaou G, Pantopoulos K Iron metabolism and toxicity. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 31 : — Nat Rev Dis Primers. Liver Int. Livers of all mice on HFD with either 50 or ppm iron were enlarged and exhibited mixed micro- and macrovesicular steatosis Fig 3.

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