How to get partner to diet with you

By | April 10, 2021

how to get partner to diet with you

Say what you will, but food is a foundational part of most relationships. If a food makes you feel a certain way, say so. Whatever your dietary preferences, you and your partner can surely agree on wanting to enjoy your food, and that regardless of what it is, it should make you feel great. Get specific. If you only like to eat rice at lunchtime, note that down so that you can compromise with your partner before making it definitive. For example, a nutty rice salad with veggies can work for the both of you—and you can just tweak the other components to work. That might mean adding lamb cutlets to your partners dish and baking some pumpkin, eggplant or tempeh to add to your own.

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Written by Julia Dellitt. Susan was you consultant to the diet Los Angeles Raiders for six seasons, and was a contributing columnist for the Los Angeles Times Health Section for two years. Whatever the case, talking about weight loss with a loved one is like walking partner a minefield — say or do the with thing, and you can cause permanent damage. They don’t have to go completely on the journey with you, but together you can create a new routine how meets each of get needs.

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