My second day on the omad diet

By | June 18, 2020

my second day on the omad diet

The acronym OMAD is popping up all over the news, social media, and other dietary outlets. But what does it mean? Many people choose to eat the same meal every day — maybe just dinner. They will eat their supper on Monday evening, then fast until suppertime on Tuesday. This OMAD style of fasting is simple and easy to fit into your routine, but is it right for you? This is one of the most asked questions in The Fasting Method Community. Most people report a huge reduction in appetite within the first month of fasting. The answer to both those questions is no.

LifeHacker Guy is a personal-blog. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through our links. Learn more. If you have ever looked into intermittent fasting then you have likely come across the most extreme version, called the One Meal a Day diet, or OMAD for short. The protocol is really simple in theory but is on the extreme end of the different intermittent fasting protocols you can follow. The idea is to eat within a one-hour time window and fast for the remaining hours each day. I can see the appeal to some hardcore intermittent fasting fanatics, I was keen to understand if the science supports the protocol and whether I could do it for 7-days, and importantly would it work for me.

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