Science diet adult cat food review

By | March 2, 2021

science diet adult cat food review

Such science-based diets have been popular among humans for quite a while, especially among those who are trying to lose weight and get into shape. Of late, it has become popular among pet guardians, too. While earlier they used to pick generic pet food off the shelves, now they consult the vet and check the ingredients before buying food for their furry friends. As a result, several brands have been jumping on the bandwagon, manufacturing scientific diet foods for cats and dogs. Hills Pet Nutrition, the popular pet food company, has had its own scientific diet for pets since the s. Called Science Diet, this brand manufactures science-based, natural and highly nutritious food for cats and dogs. Science Diet is meant for all life stages of an adult cat, and is meant to help organ vitality, prevent aging, and keep skin and coat in top condition. This makes Science Diet completely nutritious and healthy.

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Cats have no requirement for wheat whatsoever. Hills know this, so why do they pump their products full of it? They have a huge turnover and seemingly endless funds for marketing and infiltration of universities, providing training material to train our vets into being their best salespeople. So why do we see so many Fat Cats like the guy in the pic? The rest of the ingredients are okay, with a range of essential vitamins and minerals, and trace amounts of fruits and veggies. All I can say is this — cats are carnivores, feed them meat. If our reviews help, then help us by telling others.

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