Steady fast food diet like were this generations

By | August 23, 2020

steady fast food diet like were this generations

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Consumers have the power to force innovation. Loading Something is loading. Are the robots coming for your job? Over time this has led to an increasingly bigger spotlight on processed food and fast food companies. Ashley Lutz. Bozena Jankowska. Knapp, an adviser to the restaurant business who compiles data used by Wall Street and others to gauge sales.

From sun-dried tomato wraps to agave-sweetened smoothies, restaurant chains are working to court an exceptionally particular generation — the millennials. For reasons as varied as the economic downturn and a heightened interest in local foods, a significant shift in eating patterns is under way among the millennials, those 18 to Oddly, at least by historic trends, they are eating out less than the baby boomers did at that age. Many in the restaurant business worry that it may be impossible to reverse the decline, which affects 50 million to 60 million young people. The statistics alone are stark. Restaurant visits among millennials have fallen 16 percent over the last four years, according to research by the NPD Group, a consumer marketing firm, and have failed to pick up as the economy has improved. And so far, restaurant chains have failed to benefit from the steady improvement in the overall economy. Vera Chang, 26, who lives in Vermont, is one of those consumers who pays attention to the ingredients on the menu and the origins of the food they favor.

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