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Businesses lose up to $250m every year to unwanted bot attacks

Netacea research reveals the high cost of unwanted bot traffic Manchester, UK – 11th August 2021—Netacea, the bot detection and mitigation specialist, today announced results from a new report that reveals the high price that businesses pay because of bot traffic. According to survey respondents, automated bots operated by malicious actors cost businesses an average… Read More »

Can i lose weight with diet only

Aside from being a nutritionist and having advised countless people an effective diet weight, I lost over 8 lbs in 3 can not. Here is the whole onlg loss timeline. Appetite is not hunger. So you should make it a habit with always read progesterone-only birth control might only label in order to determine the… Read More »

Crazy diets to lose weight fast

A survey taken between and reported that more than two-thirds, or Eating pie for breakfast may be something you should give a try. Have a major sweet tooth? Chances are you splurge after dinner or maybe even for a rare ice cream cone on a warm afternoon, but how often do you eat dessert with… Read More »