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Health Care Should Go (Micro) Nuclear

By KIM BELLARD I think of hospitals as the healthcare system’s nuclear power plants.  They’re both big, complex, expensive to build, beset with heavy regulatory burdens, consistently major components of their respective systems (healthcare and electric generation) yet declining in number.  Each is seen to offer benefits to many but also to pose unexpected risk… Read More »

Ask Allison: ‘My boyfriend of two years moved in but he doesn’t contribute to the mortgage or bills. What should I do?’

Q: I have been dating a guy for two years and I really like him. We’ve also moved in together. I have my own house that has a very manageable mortgage. He doesn’t pay anything towards the mortgage, the bills or the groceries. I have two kids to feed also but he only gets the… Read More »

We Should Hold Nurses in Our Hearts the Whole Year Round, But Especially This May

Tom Neal By Tom Neal, RN, MBA, MHA We owe all frontline healthcare workers a huge debt of gratitude for their selfless devotion to their patients, willingness to risk contracting the COVID-19 virus themselves or bringing it home to their families, and amazing ability to adapt expertly to the ever-changing realities that the virus constantly… Read More »