Thick liquid diet vs dysphagia diet

By | May 16, 2021

thick liquid diet vs dysphagia diet

Thin drinks that have not been thickened. Thin liquids include any solids that melt in the mouth or at room temperature and become liquid such as frozen malts, milk shakes, frozen yogurt, eggnog, nutritional liquids, Popsicles, ice cream, sherbet, and regular or sugar-free gelatin. Thickened liquids should be smooth, without lumps or pulp. You may need to make naturally thick liquids even thicker such as tomato juice, eggnog or nutrition drinks to get the right texture. If your therapist wants you to drink thickened liquids, you should avoid thin liquids. Smooth, creamy well-cooked cereals. Cereals should have a pudding-like texture. You may add just enough milk to make cereal moist. Sour cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese, whipped cream, butter, margarine and smooth gravy with no pieces of meat.

Patients have their level of puree determined by healthcare providers. As of the summer of , the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative is working to standardize the terminology for food textures and liquid consistencies for use around the world, in all cultures and with all age groups. The following terms apply to modification for foods and beverages. Your healthcare provider will determine which of these is appropriate for you. Foods may be hard and crunchy, tough, crispy and may contain seeds, skins and husks. Mixed textures are no problem. Some patients have a temporary need for puree and return to the regular diet. Some patients remain on puree for reasons indicated in their own medical history. This texture requires chewing and tongue control. Foods should be tender and easy to break into pieces with a fork.

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You may add just enough milk to make cereal moist. Checking your health Your healthcare team will keep track of how well you are swallowing. These are: Normal, everyday foods of varying textures, including soft, stringy, and hard and crunchy Foods that can be eaten by any method. Patient Education. Ability to tolerate mixed textures needs to be assessed. Oatmeal and cooked cereals that have lumps, seeds or small pieces. This consistency requires little more effort to drink than thin liquid. Mix until smooth. Why a dysphagia diet is needed When you have dysphagia, you are at risk for aspiration. It may also help to eat only one food at a time. The muscular esophagus then contracts in a wave-like action, sweeping the food along into the stomach.

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