Why is jello part of a liquid diet

By | June 16, 2020

why is jello part of a liquid diet

A full liquid diet means that a person eats no solid foods and only consumes liquids, such as soups, juices, and smoothies. For most people, it is a temporary measure and not a long-term nutritional strategy. Full liquids are different than clear liquids. On a clear liquid diet, a person can only have clear liquids, such as water, tea, and broth. Full liquids offer more diverse flavor and greater nutritional value. A person may be able to eat pureed versions of their favorite foods in addition to a wide variety of thicker liquids, such as tomato soup. In this article, learn more about full liquid diets, including their uses, the possible effects, and what to eat. Doctors usually recommend full liquid diets as a short-term strategy when a person has a medical issue that makes eating solids dangerous. Some people may also use liquid diets to try to lose weight, as a full liquid diet makes it more difficult to consume a large number of calories. Highly restrictive diets for weight loss are not safe, and doctors do not recommend them. A person will often regain the weight as soon as they return to a normal diet.

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